Saturday, 12 June 2010

Chris Rock Comedian Calmer

Chris Rock claims he is much calmer now he is older because he has realised he doesn't have the ability to change the things that fill him with rage.
Chris Rock has calmed down as he has got older.
Comic the 45 year old - who has daughters Lola, eight, and Zahra six year old with wife Malaak Compton Rock used to be known for his vitriolic rants about political issues, but he has now curbed his anger because he knows he can't change things.
He said: "What intelligent being still has the same amount of anger 20 years later on?
"I'm angry about there are still things, don't get me wrong. But you calm down. And you realise you can't change most of that's going on. You realise you're just a man."
Chris admits he is content with his life, but doesn't think his happiness will stop his stage routines from being funny.
He added: "I'm a pretty happy guy. And I don't think that hinders me. If I had to go on tour next month I think I could come up with a pretty funny act."