Thursday, 30 December 2010

Chris Rock Roasts Oprah Winfrey

To honor some of the famous names in entertainment and media, including the one and only Oprah Winfrey at Kennedy Center on Tuesday nights.

During the honor comedian Chris Rock was called up on a stage to say a few words.Chris Rock commence with some jokes about the first couple,saying how great it was to be staring at "the most powerful person in the world, and then next to her, Barack Obama."

But he soon go to the good stuff: a game he likes to play called "Oprah's So Rich." He encouraged he audience to ask, "How rich is she?" before giving a few hilarious examples. For example,

"China owes her money!"

Friday, 24 December 2010

Chris Rock: Plays midwife to shopper

American comedian Chris Rock performed midwife to an pregnant mother when she went into labour which started unexpextedly as she stepped off an escalator in the middle of a bustling shopping mall in New Jersey.

By comedy central, the comedian had voted the fifth greatest stand up of any time. He help to the woman by telling her joke until the instantly emergency services arrived.

According to the news an eyewitness told, 'He was making the crowd and the woman in labour laugh. She recognized who he was immediately and he stayed there until the paramedics took her away.'

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Chris Rock: Helps Pregnant Woman Whos calm

Chris Rock Comedian 45 years old was shopping at Neiman Marcus at the Garden State Plaza mall in New Jersey there he notification a pregnant lady, she suddenly went into a labour who's water was broke and just a few drop him feet away.

Reported Us magazine, "The Grown Ups star, who has two kids with wife Malaak, used his trademark humour to keep the woman -- and a crowd of concerned shoppers -- calm until an ambulance was called".

Seemly were also treated to some of his comedy routine. It is thought most people, including the pregnant lady, had recognised the star. A Source said, "He was making the crowd and the woman in labour laugh. She recognised who he was immediately and he stayed there until the paramedics took her away."

Monday, 6 December 2010

Chris Rock, Actors Set To Roast BET Exec Stephen Hill Next Week

Sean "Diddy" Combs will be among the celebrities who will "roast" BET executive Stephen Hill next week in New York as part of the annual Music and Entertainment Industry (MEI) Comedy Roast.

Combs will be joined by actors Chris Rock, Nick Cannon, Anthony Anderson, Mike Epps and actress Gabrielle Union, who will roast Hill, the popular executive in charge of BET's music and programming.

The comedic roast is set to take place during City of Hope's Fourth Annual Music and Entertainment Industry event (MEI). Hill is an honored City of Hope supporter.

“The complete bludgeoning of my ego during this roast is absolutely worth it for the support and attention that will be brought to City of Hope’s efforts," Stephen Hill told in a statement.

The annual MEI Comedy Roast has helped raise over $1.3 million dollars to benefit the City of Hope's research and care for patients with cancer and diabetes.

Previous celebrities who have been roasted include John Mellencamp, Fat Joe and legendary music executive Clive Davis.

This year's Celebrity Roast of Stephen Hill will take place at the Frederick P. Rose Hall Home of Jazz at the Lincoln Center, on December 9th.