Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Love 'Saved' Rock From Fight With Law

From a potential fight with JUDE LAW,comedian Chris Rock has been saved by COURTNEY LOVE.The actor was left unimpressed by the funnyman's gags at the 2005 Oscars.

At the Sherlock Holmes star fun poked by Chris Rock during the ceremony six years ago by joking he was in "every movie" at the time.

Comedian was then charged with law suit but has been save by Love.

Rock tells Esquire, "I was sitting with Courtney Love, and she might've saved me from a fight. I'm not going to say a**-whipping... But you never know - he's hanging out with Guy Ritchie. Those guys go at it. Those motherf**kers are in shape. So Jude Law might whip my a**, I don't know. Those guys bring out mats and sh*t... Nothing (happened). Courtney kind of barked, or was growling, and that was it."

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